Birthday Wristbands

Celebrating a birthday can be a huge affair. Especially if it’s considered a ‘big one’. Birthday celebrations are often a planned event (even if the birthday individual is unaware).


Planning a birthday event?

There are several types of ways someone can celebrate their ascendance into old age. Events really depend on the individual, the location and the theme of the event. Party wristbands are the same.


Kids Birthday Parties

Often a single day event. Kids party wristbands are tyvek wristbands (paper). They’re cheap, easy to customise and can be delivered quickly.

Want something a little sturdier? Vinyl wristbands can be used. They’re stronger with a longer durability rating and are waterproof.


Festival Themed Parties

While we get a lot of requests for festival themed fabric wristbands, everyone has a different idea of what ‘festival’ wristbands look like.

  • Is it tents on green fields and  shouting crowds?
  • Are you looking for neon colours with geometric patterns?
  • What about music notes, speakers and a dancing silhouette?

Best results come from emailing our sales team with your ideas, colour schemes, and images of festival bands you’ve seen that have inspired you. Also, let us know your quantities and we’ll send over a quote with your artwork proof.


Milestone Celebrations

Celebrating your 18th? 21st? 30th? 50th? What does it matter? Make your wristbands as unique as you are or as young as you feel.

Fabric Wristbands (non-secure)

Responsible Parent Looking for Responsible Wristbands for Child’s 16th / 18th / 21st?

Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands (secure)

  • Keep an eye on alcohol consumption with removable tabs on wristbands
  • Restrict randoms from entering a private party with invite only wristbands


Travelling / Holiday Birthday Groups

Make your holiday trip special with fabric or silicone wristbands.

Fabric Wristbands (non-secure)

  • Base your design on the birthday individual or base the design on your location
  • Sliding silver/gold* or plastic* bead for keepsake wristbands
  • Woven designs with lurex (glitter) yarn*
  • UV* yarn in woven designs for a bright holiday feel

Silicone Wristbands (non-secure)

  • 3 different customisation types
  • Easy slip on and slip off
  • Waterproof


*Dye-sublimated fabric designs, lurex yarn, UV yarn and gold metal/plastic beads are not currently available online. For prices, please contact the office on 01379 872718 or email

All custom fabric wristbands take 2-3 weeks to produce after payment has been confirmed and artwork has been approved. More information on deliveries can be found here.