Band Together

Spreading Awareness with Wristbands


In times of struggle, sadness, and pain, we rely on each other to get through the hardship. Families. Friends. Colleagues. Even kind-minded strangers. We are all part of someone’s support network.


Life is full of ups and downs, good days and bad days, but that is all the more reason why we should show our support for others. A problem shared is not always a problem solved, but it is no longer a pain felt alone.


Prince William recently launched an anti-bullying plan to prevent cyberbullying – a cause the Duke has said is a personal issue for him – and The Diana Award, a charity in the name of the late princess, also has an anti-bullying campaign. Prince Harry has continued to change the misconceptions of HIV and The Duchess of Cambridge has spoken out about mental health for new mothers. Such high-profile figures have made a difference to so many lives; demonstrating that by speaking up or discussing topics which hadn’t been aired in public can make a difference.


Of course, there is the obvious that not everyone has the same platform to speak upon, but that doesn’t stop us from showcasing our support for someone or something through a different platform.


Silicone wristbands are used to showcase high-profile causes like Cancer Research and Lest We Forget Remembrance Day, but they can also be used for smaller, personal or everyday issues that need supporting. #Livesupanddowns may seem a random phrase on a wristband and not mean much to a passer-by, but the person wearing it may be suffering or has suffered from depression or another form of mental illness, and could remind them that their days aren’t always going to be good ones, but that is ok.


Just wearing a wristband can bring awareness to those around you. From simple taglines like the one above or a motivational message like, ‘reach for the stars’, you are shining a light on something that is important to you.


And what is important to you, can be important to others…it can even save lives.


Medical wristbands can cover a range of illnesses. We have provided printed and debossed silicone wristbands in order to raise awareness and funds for:

  • Epilepsy
  • IBD Awareness (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Mental Health
  • Children’s Cancer

And many, many more.


Fundraising for causes – such as the ones listed above – can change someone’s life, but it is not just medical conditionals that need to be highlighted.


We have also provided silicone wristbands for:

  • Youth organisations
  • Raising awareness of missing persons
  • Raising awareness and funds for the homeless
  • Raising awareness and support for our troops


Whatever is important to you, show your support and raise awareness for your cause.



Achieving more. Together.




A note from Pac:

We recently provided wristbands for London’s Santa Dash; a fun run that will raise money to provide children at Great Ormond Street Hospital with specialist play therapy, in order to help them through their treatment, recovery and understanding of their illness.


Customer Information:

Charity and Fundraising wristbands are generally silicone printed or debossed and colour filled bands due to their durability, no closure method and comfortability. However, we have provided fabric wristbands for The Diana’s Award’s Anti-Bullying campaign. Woven fabric bands can be found online. For dye-sublimated fabric bands, please contact the office.