Bachelor Wristbands

It’s Bachelor’s Day on Saturday and so, bachelors, let’s hear what your thoughts are on wristbands.

Last November we uploaded a post on Stag wristbands to even up the playing field between bride and groom wristband posts. Since it’s Bachelor’s Day this Saturday, today’s post will focus again on stag party wristbands and male focused event wristbands.

How many events take place exclusively for men? Probably more than you think. Just brainstorming wristband ideas for a male audience is mind-blowing. Here’s what we have so far:


Bachelor Parties Bachelor Holidays Birthday Party Bar Mitzvah
Comedy Wristbands Pub Crawls SU Wristbands Friendship Wristbands
Night Out Wristbands Club Wristbands Male Charities Gym Wristbands
Motivation Wristbands Festival Wristbands Social Club Wristbands


Now, we’re not suggesting your bachelor party is going to end up like The Hangover, but have you thought about lost and found wristbands? Hear us out before you start scoffing.


‘If I’m lost return me to…’

You’ll laugh. Your mates will laugh. Pretty much everyone at the venue will laugh, but you won’t be laughing come the morning when you wake up with a heavy head, fuzzy memory and sick down your shirt. (It happens.) Having a practical yet comical wristband with your venue information on can be a blessing. We can even print your message in another language if you’re bachelor party takes place abroad. (You might want an English version as well… You know, just in case. Peace of mind and all that.)

So, what’s your thoughts on a design?


Fabric Bachelor Party Wristbands

You can of course opt for silicone wristbands, but fabric wristbands are so much better for design purposes. Woven fabric wristbands allow you 8 colours in each design (including your main band colour). Gradients are available on dye-sublimated fabric and you can have photos on them. Dye-sublimated fabric wristbands don’t have a limit on the amount of colours you can have in each design, so if you really want to get creative, or use an embarrassing picture of the groom, contact the office for a dye-sub quote and have some fun.


Wristbands for the Male Guest of Honour / Host

Creating wristbands for all genders can be fun. There’s no set colours as all colours are matched to the closest pantone shade and designs are created either by the customer or to the customer’s specification. You can be as mad or dull as you like with your design. There really is no limit to our fabric wristbands, especially on our dye-sublimated fabric.

Where do you start when you think of creating your wristband design?

  • Colours
  • Theme
  • Function
  • Text
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Logos

Contact us for more information on our dye-sub fabric wristbands or check out our blog. For prices on party / event wristbands, email us here.