Art & Craft School Wristbands

I used to like art when I was at school. Was rubbish at it, mind you. My hand/eye coordination is rather questionable on a good day. Thank god, my teachers had the good sense to use my work as the demonstration piece in my lessons; I practically had all my physical projects done for me.

I wasn’t always so useless with physical projects. At primary school I was quite good at drawing. (Does bubble writing count?) Anyway, competition projects like coming up with the front cover leaflet for the school play, Christmas card and school fair was fun. (I never won – I don’t think – but that never bothered me.) We spent an hour of lesson time drawing. The activity was creative, interesting and importantly, it wasn’t boring. There is nothing worse than a class of thirty 8 – 11 year olds all staring into space or mucking around at the back of the classroom. The day becomes excruciatingly slow in that case.

Thinking back to my school days got me thinking about our school customers. We’ve been promoting a lot of school wristbands lately. Last year it was plain silicone wristbands for dinner options and last month it was our Times Table Wristbands for Number Day. Coming away from the academic side of school wristbands, we thought of all the creative requests we’ve had from a school customer and found one we’d like to share with you.

I mentioned earlier how I would draw a design for the school concert leaflet or Christmas card. What if you had your pupils design a wristband to promote your school?


Competition Wristbands:

We’ve had a lot of wristband enquiries from schools over the years, but this one stuck out for me. A headteacher asked if she were to have a competition in school for pupils to come up with a wristband design, would we print the winning design? In answer to her question, yes, we would.


The Enquiry:

For this particular enquiry, the headteacher wanted to order wristbands for their open day. The wristbands of choice were dye-sublimated fabric wristbands. The wristbands were to be given out as keepsake wristbands for visitors.

School pupils were to each design a wristband using our template and once the judging panel had decided which of the designs would be on the final product, the headteacher would order all her wristbands in that design.


The Rules:

The guidelines for this project depend on the type of wristbands your school would purchase. In this case, the wristbands were to be dye-sublimated fabric wristbands, which have very little limitations to them. If you plan to order silicone wristbands, woven fabric wristbands, or tyvek (paper) wristbands, please check with the sales office on what can and can’t be printed on the bands.


Production & Delivery:

All custom fabric wristbands have a production time of 2-3 weeks from payment and artwork approval. Therefore, delivery will be made 2-3 weeks after the school competition. Please allow plenty of time for your deadline dates. For more information on delivery times, please click here.