An Introduction to Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are a handy product for staff, security and students across the UK. Essentially a looped piece of material that hangs around an individual’s neck; lanyards are used to carry (often) valuable information in a comfortable, easily visible yet secure location. Their purpose is to allow wearers to carry specific information relating to their environment without having to rummage through their belongings to find it.


Most often lanyards are used by medical staff, educational figures, company employees or security teams. Due to each of these professionals having specific requirements unrelated to each other, lanyards need to be designed in a way that helps improve the wearers performance.


When it comes to designing a lanyard, you must think about the purpose of the lanyard. For medical staff, working long hours day in and day out around different and often difficult environments, wearing a screen-printed lanyard which will eventually flake in the wash probably isn’t going to work. A dye-sublimated lanyard however is printed via heat-transfer, which allows the design to almost be part of the fabric rather than sitting on top of the fabric; meaning the lanyards are more resilient to regular washes, and wear and tear.


That being said, schools and universities often opt for screen printed lanyards, ranging between a 15mm width to 25mm. The purpose of the extra material is to ensure enough height is given for the institutions logo and/or crest.


Once you have established the purpose of your lanyard and therefore decided on a printing method (screen or dye-sub), the design process can begin. All our lanyards come with one standard safety break at the nape of the neck and a dog clip at the base, though these are not compulsory. You can add or remove safety breaks, change to soft closing breaks, and add an extra clip so that your lanyards sit flush.


Keep an eye on our blog for a How To guide on ordering Custom Printed Lanyards. In the meantime, check out our online custom lanyard designer for single colour screen printed lanyards. Or better yet, see if we have pre-printed lanyards for your business here.