Allergy Awareness Wristbands for Schools

Be prepared for the school year with our allergy awareness wristbands.


Customised to raise awareness for specific allergies, you can design a mix of silicone wristbands highlighting important information school services would need to know in case of an accident or emergency.


Safeguarding children is a top priority for school bodies and with allergies, many can go unnoticed until the moment of contact with their sensitivity, meaning some children’s allergies can go amiss in a large crowd.


Allergy Wristbands are designed to highlight a child’s vulnerability in order to prevent them from experiencing an allergy attack. While adults with an allergy will often be seen wearing an allergy tag chain around their neck or behold an allergy awareness card in their purse / wallet, these items are used everyday and are more accessible on a grown person.


Chains can be a hazard for children and especially at school as the necklace can dangle, catch or tangle depending on the activity the child is partaking. Allergy cards are less effective for children, especially at primary school, as bags are not carried with them but are left in a secure location which is not immediately accessible. For high school children, often a card is lost or forgotten, which again, means their allergies are not made clear to school staff, canteen staff and emergency services.


Allergy Wristbands are a slip-on rubber wristband and therefore do not dangle, tangle or catch due to the ‘fitted’ size of the band. Typically, these wristbands are red in colour and are usually sold in youth sizes (depending on the age group your school caters for). Silicone allergy wristbands are a flexible, comfortable wristband that can be worn for the entire school day without irritating the skin.


While allergy wristbands tend to be red in colour, that is not a default. Allergy Wristbands can be any colour you would like and your text can be printed on the band or debossed and colour filled in any colour. Colour schemes are dependent on the individual school board and, as long as staff are aware of these designs, allergy wristbands can be any colour you decide with graphics that represent specific triggers or plain with text.


Allergy Wristbands can be designed online here or ordered through our office here. If you are a school and wish to place an order via sales invoice, please contact the office for more information.