Activity Wristbands

It’s half term! School’s out and the holiday gear is in.


What have you got planned for Feb half term?

While it’d be nice to have ten weeks off a year, parents aren’t that lucky. February half term may be a week long, but for those who’ve spent the last six weeks in a classroom, the break couldn’t have come soon enough. Parents on the other hand are looking for spare holiday allowances, childcare or sports clubs. Should you be in the latter company or are the owner, organiser or employee at a leisure centre and are providing events for the week, here’s how we can help you.


Leisure Wristbands

Swimming and sport events are big attractions come the school holidays. That said, many children attend day clubs while their parents are at work. As a result, organisations need to be prepared for the increased interest. Entry wristbands, cloakroom wristbands, swimming wristbands, and accident wristbands are all necessary in hosting childcare. We’ve compiled a list of wristbands best suited for your leisure activity.


Cloakroom Tags

When taking in a large group, it is easier to store belongings in a safe and secure environment while the owners attend their activities. As such, baggage and coats are assigned using a system; either tickets or locker keys. Handing keys or tokens to younger children can present unnecessary complications or mishaps. A lost key or a soggy ticket comes to mind right now.

Wristbands are a popular alternative for cloakroom operators. Tyvek and vinyl wristbands can be sequentially numbered in pairs and are easy to fasten around items as well as wrists.  Tyvek is a strong paper-like material, which can be worn for several hours without excessive exposure to water. If your activity is vigorous, opt for a vinyl alternative to offer longer support.


Day Visitors

Tyvek wristbands are the most popular choice for visitor wristbands. The popularity comes from its cheap price, disposable use and easy application. Printed tyvek options are available through our office and our website; with full colour also available. Sequential numbering, barcodes, QR codes and foil thumbprints are available print options if you order through our sales office. Contact us (here) for more information.


Emergency Contact & Accident Records

Dealing with the public requires certain safety measures. If a child is involved in an accident or is taken ill, these incidents must be recorded and reported back to their parent. Organising a method that effectively collects and records this information can be difficult. Wristbands offer an easy solution. Tyvek wristbands are inexpensive and secure. The wristbands cannot be removed without scissors and are comfortable to wear for over 24 hrs. Staff can write on the wristbands in any type of pen, so you won’t have to buy printed bands if you wish to keep costs down.


Swimming Sessions

Wristbands in water can be tricky; especially if your activity is for longer than an hour or so. Silicone wristbands are perfect for swimming sessions. The bands are non-secure, but that works in their favour. Swim sessions have the quickest turnover, with a session lasting from thirty minutes to an hour most. Opting for different plain solid stock colour silicone wristbands will keep costs down and staff can work on a colour rota to keep track of session times.


Whatever your plans are for this February half term, stay safe and have fun.