A Huge Thank you!

Another year gone! (Well, nearly.)


It’s the last week before Christmas and everyone is either winding down from work or gearing themselves up for the one day where nothing in the fridge or cupboards is off limits. The Home Alone movies are surely going to be on the telly at some point, along with Love Actually thrown in there somewhere, and a possible showing of The Polar Express for the kids.


But, before we get to all that, we’d just like to say a quick thank you to all our customers…


It’s been an exciting year here at wristbands.co.uk as we’ve continued to provide quick and quality wristbands, lanyards and passes to our customers. Last year we planned to spend this year making sure we updated our customers on our products and that’s exactly what we did.

At the start of the year, we worked on our digital presence to ensure our online customers were receiving regular updates on our products and our website also had a welcome spruce up.

Mid-year saw the successful launch of our Full Colour Printed Vinyl Wristbands to our Vinyl Range; with all our vinyl wristbands (including tabbed) available with full colour print (office orders only). And finally, October saw a great turnout for our visits to local tradeshows and this month, we’ve increased our social media presence considerably with the help of your customer reviews, dedicated staff and the cheeky online offer here and there.


Whether you were a new customer this year or a returning customer, none of the above would be a success without you so here’s a huge thank you from wristbands.co.uk


Have a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year.