5 Wristband Ideas to Benefit Your Business

Creating revenue is easy if you have the personality and patience for it. This summer give your marketing team a helping hand with these 5 easy wristband ideas.


  1. Giveaway Wristbands
  2. Interactive Wristbands
  3. Tabbed Wristbands for Freebies
  4. QR Coded Wristbands
  5. Promotional Wristbands


Giveaway Wristbands

Forget flyers, pamphlets and newsletters. Wristbands are the products of choice. It’s festival season coming up which means wristbands will most likely be sporting people’s wrists all throughout the warm season. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to cash in on the craze. Your business could be circling fields all over the UK and all your future summer advertisement is free.


Interactive Wristbands

Hosting an event and need to get audiences engaged? Why not look into RFID or QR coded wristbands? Link wristbands up to your system and away you go. Clients can pay on their wristband or use their wristbands to access restricted areas.


Tabbed Wristbands

Offering limited free drinks at your event? Assign tabbed vinyl wristbands to your guests. Both band and tab can be printed on and tabs are removable so visibility on a guest’s consumption is clear and easily monitored.


QR Coded Wristbands

Want people to remember you? Add a QR code contacting your website or details and wait for the new clientele to come through. Add a QR code to entry wristbands to stop counterfeits from accessing your event. VIP guest wristbands can include VIP in the code to determine access to VIP events / areas.


Promotional Wristbands

Nothing’s more beneficial to a business than free advertising. Market sales events with discount coded wristbands. Shoppers will be sporting your wristbands as they go about their daily routine, interacting with others and unconsciously advertising your event.