5 Handy Tips – Christmas Edition

Organising wristbands for holiday events such as Christmas parties, end of year celebrations or corporate outings can be time-consuming; back and forth with artwork approvals, delivery address changes or colours need to match brands. Most often these orders come through at the last-minute which sometimes means sacrifices have to be made, either in the artwork or the band type itself. To avoid rushing through a Christmas order and getting the perfect wristband for you, we went to prepare you with 5 Handy Tips.


1 Order Tyvek and Vinyl Wristbands Online

Online Tyvek and Vinyl orders go to our graphics department for a quick check before they go straight to the production team, meaning your order cuts out the sales department completely. Online orders are therefore printed soon after they are complete and most often are dispatched on the same day (orders before 3pm only).


2 Select Special Delivery for Online Orders

While the above is true, small online quantities of Tyvek and Vinyl will be sent out via Royal Mail 1st Class post if the Free Delivery option is selected. For next day deliveries, we recommend selecting Royal Mail Special Delivery. With the latter option, you can request tracking for your order and it will need to be signed for upon collection.


3 Order Fabric Wristbands through the Office

Woven fabric wristbands are available online, but the delivery time is 2-3 weeks. Contacting the office at enquiry stage means you can discuss your deadline with our sales team and confirm your delivery is within reach. Enquiries through the office also mean the sales team can go through your artwork with you and any concerns can be addressed before the order is complete.


4 Choose Black Print on Vinyl Wristbands

All our vinyl bands can have coloured print; however, these do take longer and can mean your order will be delivered later than a vinyl order with black print. For last minute orders, we recommend choosing black print on your vinyl bands to ensure your delivery time is met. Black print is available on all vinyl bands.


5 Prepare and Outline Your Artwork

Having your artwork ready to be checked by our graphics team will shorten your time spent with the sales team discussing design ideas or organising artwork amendments to match brand requirements. If you are designing your own artwork, please make sure your text is outlined, your design is within the print area and your file is saved as an editable PDF.