Social Distancing Wristbands


As offices continue to reopen and teams return to work, some companies are choosing to provide their staff with welcome back packs. These may contain information on any new office guidelines being introduced to improve safety for workers as well as PPE.

Here at PAC Wristbands, we’re being asked to produce customised silicone wristbands to be added to welcome packs; the concept being that staff can wear these as a reminder to themselves, coworkers and customers that social distancing is encouraged wherever possible. These silicone wristbands can branded with company logos as well as a message and customised in colour as well. Some companies are using different colour wristbands for different departments in order to try and group individuals across their site. If this may help to manage social distancing at your workplace, you can design and buy your own customised wristbands via

Custom Printed Silicone Wristbands

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