10 Wristband Ideas for Schools

Let’s start with the obvious and probably the most popular types of wristbands already used in schools.


1 Emergency Contact Wristbands

Either Tyvek or silicone wristbands with the school name and number on for when children go on a school trip.


2 Dinner Wristbands

Often plain silicone wristbands used to distinguish which meals pupils have chosen for lunch.


3 Allergy Wristbands

Whether it’s silicone food allergy wristbands or Tyvek medical bands, allergy wristbands help teachers, assistants, parents, volunteers and school staff know your child has a medical condition.


4 Accident Wristbands

School nurses must document any accidents which occur during the school day. To keep a record, many schools issue the child involved with an accident band, detailing the event, all of those involved, the date and time, and the actions taken after the accident occurred. These bands are often Tyvek as school staff can write the details directly onto the band. (Beats paper slips being lost or left in school bags.)


5 Achievement Wristbands

Bronze, silver and gold are great colours for silicone achievement bands, with many schools using wristbands as a replacement for certificates. Excellent for praising a student’s progress, project or attendance. (Check out our silicone Times Table Wristbands.)


Keep Reading for School Wristband Ideas Specific to this October


6 Walk to School Wristbands

For safety, achievement or for simply taking part, you could design customised silicone or Tyvek wristbands for pupils taking part in International Walk to School Month.


7 Poetry Day Wristbands

Thursday 4th October is National Poetry Day. A day for celebrating poets of the past and creative poets of the future, why not create Tyvek wristbands with quotes from poems you plan to teach? You could ask pupils to mix and match quotes, creating unique poems of their own. (Best to submit a Excel spreadsheet to the office for a quote. Cannot be ordered online.)


8 Space Wristbands

If you or your pupils love science, then keep an eye out for World Space Week around the 4th October. If you’re planning projects, classroom activities or trips, why not create space wristbands for your activity? Full colour 1” Tyvek wristbands are the perfect choice for space wristbands.


9 Smile Wristbands

Friday 5th October is Wold Smile Day. Put a smile on your pupils faces with a smiley face wristband. Why not hand out silicone bands with smiley faces on instead of your usual achievement bands?


10 Primary / Nursery Wristbands

Global Hand Washing Day (yes, it’s a thing – don’t tell me you haven’t found out your child hasn’t washed their hands at least once after they’ve been to the toilet.) This year, the day’s theme is food hygiene. The aim is to teach children about the importance of washing their hands before and after being in contact with food. Why not customise silicone or Tyvek achievement or picture bands to encourage children to take part?


Ordering school Tyvek or Silicone bands can be done online. See the links below:

Click here to start designing your customised Tyvek band in black print.

Click here to start designing your customised Tyvek band in full colour print.

Click here to start designing your customised Silicone band in 1 print colour.

Click here for plain Tyvek bands.

Click here for plain Silicone bands.


Delivery information can be found here. For more colour print options on your silicone bands, contact the office via email or form.