10 Quick Fire Questions About Fabric Wristbands

We’ve answered your questions on lanyards and silicone, now it’s time for fabric answers.


What’s the size of a fabric wristbands?

15mm standard height. Sliding bead and metal closure are 350mm long. Plastic clip wristbands are 245mm long.


I have a quote for 1 design, what does that include?

Everything that’s on the band. Text, logos, graphics, etc.


Can I have more than 1 colour in my design?

Yes. Woven wristbands can have up to 8 colours in each design. This includes the base colour though. There isn’t a colour limit on dye-sublimated fabric wristbands.


Can I have gradients?

Dye-sublimated fabric designs only. Woven is made up of a length of yarn. A ball of yarn is a solid colour, so we can’t weave gradient colours.


What closures can I have?

Online: metal bead, metal closure or plastic clip.

Office: metal bead, plastic bead, bamboo bead, metal closure or plastic clip. Others may be available. Check with the office.


Do I have to have a closure?

No. You can order just the bands if you want. Best choose 350mm to give you enough length to tie the bands or fit your own closures.


Can I order closures on their own?

Yes. It’s stock dependent, so contact the office for a quote.


Can I order plain fabric wristbands?

Of course. Check stock colours and closures with the office here.


Do you do PET fabric wristbands?

Yes. It’s a new product, so not available online yet. Email the office for a quote.


What closure comes on the PET fabric wristband?

Bamboo bead. It can be removed as and when with ease.


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