10 Quick Fire Questions About Customised Lanyards

Quick fire 10 lanyard questions at us and this is what you get…


What’s the width of your custom printed lanyards?

15mm standard. That’s not to say you can’t order lanyards in 20mm or 25mm width. Before you ask, the length is 900mm.


Are there different safety breaks?

Of course. All our lanyards come with 1 standard safety break at the back of the neck. However, there are different types of plastic breaks for you to choose from. Ask the office.


Can I have more than one safety break?

You can have as many as you like. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. We’ve had a five emergency break lanyard order. We wouldn’t recommend going over that. (You’ll have no lanyard left!)


Can I have a buckle?

Yep. Buckles are plastic and come in black or silver. They’re an add-on product, so check pricing with our sales team.


What about clips? Do you have other styles rather than a dog clip?

Metal dog clip is standard. Others are available, yes. Alligator (where you pinch the ends together to open – like a bull clip, but metal). Long oval clips (we call them lobster clips). You’ll have to contact the office for more info.


Is there a minimum quantity for custom printed lanyards?

Yes. 50.


Can you wash your lanyards?

You can wash dye-sublimated lanyards only.


What over types of lanyards are there?

We sell screen printed lanyards. They are printed via screen, so the design sits on top of the fabric. Usually, they’re printed on the front only and not both sides. You can print both sides if you like, but at an additional charge.


Are custom designs printed on both sides?

Yes. Again, dye-sub only. All online lanyard orders are for dye-sub printing, so order online and you’ll get print on both sides. (Note, it’s the same print on both front and back of the lanyard. Different prints need to come through the sales office.)


What about passes & pass holders?

What about them? Joking. You can order pass holders online on our website and fill them with your own passes. Or you can order plastic cards with us through our office. Like a quote? Email your enquiry here.


So, how’d we do? Answered all your questions? Not quite? Well then, contact us via email, phone or webform and we’ll get back to you within the hour.