10 Halloween Activities

Next week we will be posting about Halloween wristbands, but to get you prepared for the spooky themed holiday, check out 10 ideas you or your family can do this Halloween.


1 Fright Nights

Be warned! These are not for the fainthearted. It’s probably best if adults only go as personal experience taught me that children will definitely cry and teenagers tend to instinctively punch people who jump out on them. (Fun times- come to think of it, that particular attraction has shut down now. I wonder why?)

Fright Nights come in all kinds of themes; from haunted houses, dungeons, castles, circuses, haybarns… You name it. A handy tip – try to gather a group of you to go as group tickets will keep the price down. Not to mention, you’ll feel safer when there’s more of you.


2 Adventure Parks

Chessington, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Flamingo Land, Drayton Manor…etc are great for the whole family. Keep an eye out for parkgoers who like to dress up for the spooky holiday, with hidden tombstones scattered around the park and skeletons hanging from the street lamps.


3 Film Nights

If you like Halloween but aren’t one for physical frights and scares, then Halloween Film Nights will appeal to you. London tends to have horror film screenings around the capital for those of us who prefer to be frightened by the pretend than the physical thing.


4 Haunted House Tours & Walks

English Heritage have dozens of Halloween events to offer in various locations. From murder mysteries and torch light tours for adults to pumpkin carving activity workshops for kids, haunted tours are great fun for the entire family. The best thing – all settings are historic and spooky history stories are bound to fascinate.


5 Escape Rooms

I’m not sure why people would want to be trapped in a room with various people dressed up as monsters, but each to their own. Escape Room Attractions have become increasingly popular among teens and adults who enjoy Scare Fests. There are various ‘haunted’ houses with several ‘escape rooms’ across the country for people to try out.


6 Tourist Attractions

What would Halloween be without a London Dungeons tours or a trip Madame Tussauds? A handy tip – If you take your children to the latter, ages between 4 and 15 can get in free if they dress up in a Halloween costume. (Adults unfortunately do not have this option). Want to try out another Halloween tradition in London? The Ghost Bus Tours are a favourite with families wanting to educate themselves about the capital, but in a fun and spooky fashion. Children can also take part in bus tours, making it one for the whole family to enjoy. The theatrics and the 1960 buses are great too.


7 Halloween Parties

Whether you’re throwing a party for your family and friends or attending a Halloween party elsewhere, dressing up isn’t just for the kids. Parties don’t have to be expensive either; household items can easily be turned into Halloween themed objects. Why not ask the children to help make gooey cupcakes?


8 Theatre Nights

If you’re after comfort with your scare, theatre nights are great fun on Halloween. There’s nothing quite like a live audience sitting on of the each of their seats and holding their breath.


9 Trick or Treating

Traditional, inexpensive, and fun. Trick or Treating has a long and great history behind it, though many of us prefer the ‘knock on the door for sweets’ routine. Whether you’re staying at home with your bowl of sweets ready or out and about dressed up, trick or treating is a fun family activity.


10 Museum Tours

History meets mystery. Museum Tours are available all year round, but on All Hallows Eve, some museums will stay open late to treat visitors to scary history stories around the exhibits. Mixing fact with fiction, you can experience history in a whole new light.