10 Creative Uses for Wristbands

We are all familiar with Tyvek and Vinyl Wristbands being used to identify visitors at any type of event or attraction. Wearing one of these bands will signify that you have entered the site legally and are not attempting to avoid an entrance fee. Built in security features also prevent the bands from being transferred and illegally reused.

However, in nearly fifteen years of selling wristbands we have learnt that there are many more uses for a Tyvek or Vinyl wristband than just Visitor ID. If you consider that both these types of band are just a simple form of media to display print, it opens up a large number of alternative uses, both indoors and outdoors.  Here are just some of the different uses that we have come across which just go to show what a useful and versatile product our wristbands are.

Whelping Bands
If you have ever had a litter of puppies you will know how difficult it is to identify each one as they all look the same!  A Tyvek wristband can be safely placed around the neck. This enables you to keep track of who is who, record feed and weight details and ensure the right puppy goes to the right home. You can help identify the boys and the girls with either blue or pink bands!

In the Garden
A Tyvek band is long lasting and can be written on. Therefore, they are a perfect and inexpensive plant tag. Each year I sell a small number of Christmas Trees where the buyer can choose their own and collect later. I label each one with a Neon Yellow Tyvek band which makes them highly visible and then write the name and price as each one is sold.

Suitcase ID
Have you ever noticed how many suitcases all look the same as they go around the airport baggage carousel? Most of us have inadvertently picked up the wrong bag at some time or another. By attaching a brightly coloured Tyvek or Vinyl band to your bag will clearly identify it as “yours” and hopefully ensure you take the right bag home with you!

Runner ID
Whether you are running a gentle 5k or a more energetic Marathon or even Triathlon you want to ensure that you are quickly reunited with your bag of belongings at the end of the event. Tyvek wristbands can be printed with a large sequential number. By issuing each runner with a pair of wristbands with matching numbers, one band is attached to the wrist and the other band to the bag. The numbers can then be matched and the correct bag collected.

Child ID
We love taking our children to a busy event or the beach. However, every parents’ nightmare is the thought of their child wandering off and becoming separated. In the event that this does happen we want to ensure that they are reunited as quickly as possible. A Tyvek wristband is both waterproof and durable. Ensuring your child wears a band with a mobile or emergency number written on it will give you peace of mind that they are safe.

Hospital Cleaning
Infection control in a hospital is a primary issue and providing a clear audit trail to show regular equipment cleaning is vital. Tyvek bands are widely used by many NHS Trusts to label equipment to identify daily, weekly or monthly cleaning. A date and signature can be written on each band for record purposes.

Product ID
Tyvek bands have sufficient space to print quite detailed product descriptions or instructions. They can be easily attached to almost anything and provide an alternative to a label which may prove more difficult to apply or display.

Alzheimer’s Band
Sadly, many people suffering from Alzheimer’s or with Learning Difficulties run the risk of wandering off into the community and become lost or confused.  As they carry no form of ID the police spend many hours trying to reunite these people with their families or care homes. A Vinyl wristband can be comfortably worn for several days and they can be printed with the name of the wearer and a contact telephone number. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to help protect these vulnerable people.

Ticket Alternative
Why not issue a wristband instead of a ticket? It can be sent prior to the event and printed with all the relevant information. It will be visible at the place of entry and far less likely to be lost than if it was kept in a pocket. All Tyvek bands come with a unique number. Adding your own number sequence can help with ticket issuing and control.

Record Verification
We have often been asked by various charities and other organisations to supply wristbands with a specific number sequence printed on them. These bands are being used to verify the number of participants taking part in a Record breaking event often for charity fundraising. Numbers can be printed on both Tyvek and Vinyl wristbands.